Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Temptations only Mothers Know: The after-the-kids-are-in-bed Dessert

Temptation #2 in the week-long series on Temptations Only Mothers Know:
The After-The-Kids-Are-In-Bed Dessert

It's 9:30 and all is quiet upstairs.  My 7 year old probably still has his nose in a book, but he won't be coming down again until morning.  It's the time of day that I can eat whatever I want and no one is watching.  For the first time.  All day.  There are occasions when I try to sneak something earlier in the day, but I inevitably get caught.  It seems that my kids are just as good at sniffing out a treat as I am at sniffing out a poopy diaper.  Unfortunately.

The problem is that when a person feels deprived, they often overindulge once they finally get that thing.  No?  Never happens to you?  You obviously have the whole "will power" thing down, then.  I can tell you are the spitting image of Frog from the short story "Cookies."  (Frog and Toad: Cookies)  We could all learn a lot from you, I'm sure.

The fact is that last night I was so stressed that I ate FOUR cookies. (Maybe it was all my angst at having let the washing machine run a load only 1/2 full since I didn't add the bucket of dirty towels and bibs? ;-)  )  I like to soothe my conscience by telling myself that the cookies were only half the normal size, so it was really like eating two cookies.  But, then, I like to follow that thought with the reminder that the REASON I made them half the normal size was so I would ultimately be eating less cookie.  Clearly, I am at war with myself.  But hey, I figure, as long as the pants fit, eat a cookie.  Tonight, I'll just try to eat one instead of four.

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  1. Libby, this is SO TRUE! My husband and I have definitely become after-bedtime dessert people. Like as soon as my son's in bed, we both go downstairs and get dessert. This week I vowed to stop it because my pants are definitely getting tighter.