Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Great Autumn Finger Dessert: Pumpkin Muffins topped with maple frosting and a touch of cinnamon

In preparation for the slew of people who are going to ask me for the recipe (yes, these do taste THAT good), here is what I did:

First off, I love the pumpkin bread recipe from the Joy of Cooking book that I used to own, so I copied it before giving away the book.  I used that recipe for the base of these.  I think you'll find the recipe here.

Then, you can save yourself the hours of time I spent finding the perfect frosting recipe and just head on over here for a MAPLE SYRUP frosting that is scrumptious!  Be sure to look past the cake recipe and just use the frosting recipe.  I added an egg so that I'd have more frosting when all was said and done, but I am convinced that changed little in the realm of taste.  It is amazing, and, to quote a reviewer, "like a light maple marshmallow."  Just the perfect fluff for the top of such a dense pumpkin muffin!

Just for looks, I coated them with cinnamon.  This does take some of the yummy maple syrup flavor at least, when you take that first bite of cinnamon, but I think it's perfect.  You'll have to decide if you prefer it with or without the cinnamon. :-)

Also to note, I'd recommend doing this on a day that is not hot and humid.  If you notice, my frosting is looking a bit *wet.* I would attribute this to the fact that my house is 82 degrees right now and it's raining outside. :-(  For them to look the best, I'd recommend doing it in slightly cooler temperatures and no humidity.

There you go! I hope you love them as much as I do! (Oops, did I just confess that I ate some before taking them to the party?!)

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