Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to Make a Simple Clutch Purse

Crafts By Libby
Tutorial on How to Make a Simple Clutch Purse

If you purchase a fat quarter of cotton in my pattern from Spoonflower, you should receive something like this in the mail:

Choose a matching color for the inner fabric, a coordinating zipper and thread.  

Now, cut two pieces of the matching inner fabric, the same size as your front and back of the purse.
If you'd like a pocket, cut another piece of fabric with the same width as the first, but choose what depth you'd like for a pocket, and make it that heigh.  Then, cut an additional piece of fabric two inches tall and, again, the same width.

Take that two inch piece and fold it in half.  Iron it closed.

Now, take the top piece and fold it in half again, towards the middle.  Iron.

Repeat this step for the other piece.

Now it should look like this:

Place this self-made bias tape at the top of your "pocket" piece.  Sew top seam.

Then, lay onto one of the lining pieces.  Sew 1/4 inch seam around to attach.

Sew a seam down the middle if you'd like two separate pockets--or, sew more seams if you'd like more divisions.

Now, take one rectangle of the lining and place the zipper approximately 1/4 inch from the top (right side facing up; zipper also facing up).

No, put one rectangle of your outer purse on top, lining up the edges of fabric (the zipper will still be 1/4 of an inch below)  Use zipper foot to sew seam, staying near the zipper.

Repeat on the other side--the part that you just finished can be seen inside these two pieces you will sew.

When finished, open as shown and sew lining to outer fabric on each side, close to the zipper.  This will hold the material in place to keep from "jumping" up and snagging your zipper as you open and close the pouch.

If you'd like to sew the  fabric "hook" piece, cut your small rectangle in half and sew each side.

Turn right-side out.

Fold this in half and tuck inside on the outer layer, close to the top but below the zipper.

It is seen below where the white pin is.

Now, put lining rectangles together and outer rectangles together.  Be sure to put zipper so it is popping UP, towards the outer layer, as shown bellow.  Then, pull the zipper to the middle of the pouch before you sew.

(Pins that are Vertically shown below in middle of lining show where to start and stop to leave an opening to turn out the purse.  Don't forget this!!)

Sew 1/2 inch seam all the way around, leaving approx. 3 inches at bottom of lining.

Cut excess and corners.

Turn right side out, push outer corners on bottom so they look nice.

Close the opening from turning it out by sewing a straight seam near the bottom edge of the lining.

Fold inside.

You're finished!!!

Great work!

Don't have my purse design but are excited to make your own?  Follow the link here!