Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A snowy winter day

This morning we went out and got our customary milk and bread before the snow.  Well, we actually went out for a whole list of things, of which bread and milk were a part.  But it seemed fitting to mention we had gotten those typical staples, as a storm was indeed on the horizon.

It started snowing after lunch and has been snowing since.  I've tried to get outside as much as possible lately, but with the freezing weather, we never seem to be out more than half an hour tops.  It's made for mighty cabin fever around here.

I noticed the other day that we've accumulated a large array of plastic containers for storing left overs.  It seems that I've kept every useable container, and now my plastic drawer is overflowing.  We do recycle, and I could very well simply recycle many of these containers.  But, I thought--before we recycle them, maybe we can get a little crafting use out of them...

So, on this snowy day, we started with craft #1 using the plastic containers.


And, since I am a big fan of Amazon.com, I have lots of cardboard to spare.  Making a hat didn't take any out-of-the-ordinary supplies at all.

Here's a preview of my first idea on how to use those left over containers :)  (Well, maybe I should call it my second?  Since I used one of them last year as the face of Thomas the Tank engine in my oldest son's Valentine box as shown here.)